Our Story


My name is Jason Bronner. I am the proud owner of Rosie's Corner in Brewerton. I’ve lived my whole life locally here in town. 

Every Friday growing up, my Mom worked a double shift and wouldn’t get home till 9pm at night. That meant dad had to cook dinner. So every Friday night of my childhood was Pizza Night. When I got to be about 6 years old it was my turn to learn how to make dad's pizza. From the first time he let me make that pizza it became my dream to own a pizza shop.  When I told my dad I was going to open my own pizza shop someday he said, "Go for it, you can do anything, if you put your mind to it."

 When I turned 16, I got my first car and I was ready to get my first job. I started delivering pizzas at Rosie's Corner. I thought it was amazing. My plan was to work there for while and learn everything I could so I would be able to open my own shop. 

I worked at Rosie's all through high school and college. I always asked the owner if he would sell me the place and he always said "someday."

Finally after about 15 years of bugging him the old owner was ready to retire and sell me Rosie's. My childhood dream was finally coming true. In February of 2011 I became the owner of a pizza shop in my hometown of Brewerton, NY.

My wife, Allison, my 2 daughters, Emma & Molly, and myself.

My wife, Allison, my 2 daughters, Emma & Molly, and myself.